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Our Story

Plant Love Ice Cream was founded in 2018 by mother and son, JoAnn and Matthew Matchin, who wanted to create a vegan alternative to ice cream, that was actually creamy and tasted delicious. With limited vegan options on the market, and nothing that actually tasted delicious, they decided to create one that would change the market of vegan ice cream. After both Matt & Jo were approaching crossroads in life, the new direction of creating Plant Love was beginning to unfold. It truly was divine timing that brought Plant Love into being.

After deciding to move forward with the idea of starting a vegan ice cream shop, the two came together in St Petersburg, FL and began the process of turning the dream into reality. It took a great deal of preparation, concocting the PERFECT ice cream formula, and finding the ideal location. With a limited budget, they began erecting the storefront.

After months of preparation the team opened the doors in January 2019. Infused with art, ice cream, love, and an amazing community, Plant Love began to make its mark on the Bay Area. It is our goal to spread happiness and love throughout the Tampa Bay area, one scoop at a time!

After gaining a substantial following, being blessed with recognition after recognition, Plant Love has become a thriving business that is planting love in the community, day after day. Our following continues to grow, and so are we!

In September of 2020, our beloved Matthew passed into the next journey in life after death. His light & love are now a prominent driving factor in 

We are currently in the process of expansion, and planning our 2nd & 3rd locations in Asheville & Charlotte, NC (where Matt & Jo used to call home).

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"Plant Love and watch it grow."
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Plant Love aims to seed the community with not just the best ice cream, but with positive intentions. Being a dairy-free ice cream shop means that we support the animals, the environment, and the local community.
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